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Download our Food, Farming & the Countryside in the National Curriculum plan (PDF - 32kB) to see how our activities relate to the CEVAS (Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme) programme.

We have created a Food and Farming themed unit ready for the New Curriculum - contact us for more details!

List of activities we provide
Year R - 6
English Farm stories - 3 Little Pigs, Peter Rabbit, Chicken Licken, Old Macdonald
Poetry -
Persuasive Writing - What do animals need? What is the best way to rear animals?
Group discussions and interaction
Factory Farming v Free Range Farming
Farming vocabulary
Maths Using and applying number & problem Solving - A variety of mental maths calculations:
Number of legs
Costs of looking after the animals
Number of hurdles / bales of straw needed
Area / perimeter of field
Measuring / weighing animals
Working out feed / medication requirements (fractions, %, decimals)
Shape and Space
Shapes of different pens
Angles of each hurdle making up the pens
Data handling
Collection of data, creating tables, lists and charts
Collecting data electronically using sensors - creating tables, lists & charts
Science What we get from each animal - food and materials
Egg shapes & colours
Materials for making house / bedding - keeping warm
Suitability of habitat - what makes a home?
What do all living things have in common?
What do all animals need?
Classification: Vertebrate & Invertebrate. Mammals, Fish, Birds, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, etc. Why does each animal belong in each group? What makes a pig a pig?
Using a key
Feeding relationships: Food chains & webs
Life cycles: Egg Candling, Incubation, Chicks, Feeding Young
Protecting the environment
History History of farming
Geography Where do the animals originate - atlas work
Animals from other countries - suitability of habitat
Farming Year
Modern Foreign Languages Why not add an hour onto the visit time for your school and allow the teacher of French (or any other language) to use our animals as a resource for teaching?
Art Egg colours & sizes
Music & Movement Farmyard sounds & actions
Carnival of the Animals
Swan Lake
Citizenship Touch animals!
How do we care for them - what do they need
The Five Freedoms
People who help us
A day in the life of...